Home made “Margarita” Body Scrub

Sorry it has been so long folks, but I am back posting now and will plan on getting you a great post at least once a month, if not more. However I am often ambitious about how much time I have. Anywho, I had a request from a friend for a good body scrub, so here we have it.
Body Scrubs have to be one of the most simple items to make. You can make them more complicated and dress them up with all sorts of lovely ingredients but today I am going to show you a very simple summery one. I call it the Margarita because that is what it reminds me of.


Oil– I use a base massage oil from Neal’s Yard Remedies which has sunflower, wheatgerm, and almond oil in it, because I think it is quite a good mix for the vitamins in the oils and the “weight” of it. It also manages to be pretty affordable while still packing the punch of the more luxury oils in it (like wheatgerm). However you could choose to use what oil you like, olive oil, or sunflower oil being two good basic choices you may already have in your kitchen.

Dead Sea Salts – I also buy these from Neal’s Yard as you can get them in small or massive amounts (I bought 5 kg at once), for a pretty decent price (a 200 gram bag is just over 2 quid.

Essential Oils – Lemon, Lime and Orange Essential oils (see where I’m getting the Margarita) This combo makes a nice summery and uplifting blend that is actually pretty invigorating. This blend is great for getting going in the morning and creates a product that even the men in your lives would be happy to borrow. However you can totally customize this if you want something different.


Glycerine: mild preservative, emollient, and humectant. This is the bit that makes soap moisturizing (and is often taken out of soaps making them drying). Pure glycerine has been used to treat psorasis, burns, bites etc, so is super soothing. If you find you don’t want as much base oil you could also add a bit of glycerine to a) bind your mix together somewhat, and b) hydrate and soften the skin. It is pretty great stuff but is a bit sticky!

seeds, flowers etc: I always prefer to use ingredients that dissolve in my shower like salt or sugar, but some people would like the added strength of something that doesnt melt when they shower. For this effect you could use anything from lavender, to poppy or raspberry seeds (you can pick these up online). My advice, start simple and then try new things to your mix.

You will also want a bowl, and some measuring spoons and cups, and a container to keep your mix in if making enough for multiple uses.


This makes multiple uses worth of product, probably between 3 and 6 uses, depending on how zealous you are in the shower!

1) Measure out one cup of dead sea salts, pour into bowl.

2) measure out a table spoon of oil, add to bowl of salt.

3) Stir mix together, if you want more oil, add a bit. Remember you can always add, but can’t take out.

4) Drop in your essential oils. I would do about 5 drops if each, but let your nose guide you, remembering not to use more than 2% of the total product in essential oils. Less if you have very sensitive skin. (That’s about 25 drops per 50 mls max).

5) Mix together

6) Add anything extra and stir up (glycerine, seeds etc)

7) Put into your container, and enjoy!

This is so easy to make I wouldn’t worry about making too much at a time, it is much nicer to have a fresh batch made just how you like it, rather than have too much and have it go off!!

Let me know how it works out for you (: