What’s in that Product? Day 3, I start to get concerned…

Okay here are three more ingredients on the Body Shop Aloe Night Cream Label

Isononyl Isononanoate: This emollient is listed as a low hazard by the EWG. However it is also being listed as a possible new allergen. It was originally taken from cocoa or lavender but now is likely to be made synthetically. From what I can understand it is derived from “Pelargonic Acid, also called nonanoic acid, a fatty acid with nine carbons“.  So my jury is still out on this one.

Myristyl Myristate: Okay so this is an emollient too, however it has my alarm bells going off big time. While not listed as a definite problem, there are a lot of possible concerns. On the EWR website they list numerous potential concerns linked with this ingredient. They are, cancer (could be a carcinogen), a possible human reproductive or developmental toxin, its classified as expected to be toxic to organs by Environment Canada, with a potential as a bioaccumulate, with a moderate to high level of toxicity to humans, as well as to the environment. Not to mention that it is believed that there is strong evidence that this is a skin, eye, and lung irritant. Okay well that one really creeped me out. I will be keeping my eyes out for that ingredient!

Octyldodecanol: This is a long chain fatty alcohol which the FDA has even approved for use in food, and the CIR has reviewed as safe on more than one occasion. It is listed by the EWG as very safe, and non toxic however there have been some indications that it may be a skin irritant.

I am officially getting concerned about what is in this supposedly natural and ethical cream for sensitive skin, and we are not even halfway through the list yet. Stay tuned for the rest.


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