What’s in that Product? Day 2

Continuing to examine our list of ingredients for the Body Shop’s Aloe Night Cream:

Butylene Glycol: This is apparently a type of alcohol that helps control the viscosity of products. The EWG lists this with a “moderate concern” level because the CIR shows strong indications that it is a human irritant, especially around the eyes, on the skin, or the lungs (if in an aerosol). Okay, so this one concerns me a bit more than the others so far.

Elaeis guineensis: This refers to the African Oil Palm Tree, which produces Palm Oil. Most research suggests this to be a safe emollient. The only concerns most likely to come up, are with regards to the sustainability and production of the palm oil. That is a whole other conversation however!

Glyceryl Stearate Citrate: This is also an ingredient derived from Glycerine. It is a “fatty acid monoglyceride”, created by esterifying glycerin with vegetable fatty acids. This particular one is glycerine and citric acid basically. It is an emollient and basically makes skin look silky, or it can be used as a fragrance. EWG lists this as low risk ingredient.

Okay, so a few things look kind of iffy, but all in all not that bad. I’m really hoping that this stays the case!


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